Talent Management

NGA ResourceLink provides real-time powerful recruitment and onboarding technology that allow companies to attract and engage with prospective employees before they start.

Performance Management and Learning and Development tools are also available keep your employees engaged and motivated. Succession Planning helps you to identify and nurture future leaders.

Talent management is the art of identifying, attracting, developing,
rewarding and retaining the right people.

NGA ResourceLink has many talent management solutions that will help you do this effectively and ensure that you have the best people to help deliver your business strategy.

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Manage the candidate onboarding process and engage with onboarders from the moment they accept an offer to the day they start.

  • Create a personalised portal to welcome onboarders, with a welcome message and introduction to the company
  • Manage forms, policies and documents you need completed or read by the onboarder prior to starting
  • Show countdown and graphical representation of the onboarding process
  • Share details of team, manager, first day instructions
  • Enable hiring managers to view the progress of onboarders up to when they start
  • Unique records are created by onboarders which remain with them throughout their time with the company
  • We also provide a people checking service to run background checks


Help you source and attract the very best talent in the market.

NGAHR ResourceLink Screen NGAHR ResourceLink Screen NGAHR ResourceLink Screen NGAHR ResourceLink Screen NGAHR ResourceLink Screen NGAHR ResourceLink Screen
  • Empower hiring managers to easily create and receive fast approval on new roles
  • Post job adverts on multiple sites in one go
  • Search for potential candidates on social media using key criteria
  • Strengthen your brand on all career sites with highly customisable design and content
  • Improve efficiency with integrated CV reader and automatic weighting
  • Candidates can complete application forms on any device in less than 5 minutes
  • Shortlist candidates, schedule interviews and track role status
  • Store documents such as CV’s and references

Performance management

Align individual and department performance objectives to business needs to drive workforce effectiveness.

  • Develop performance lifecycles for your business
  • Manage objectives at both individual and department level
  • Track progress and maintain records throughout the year
  • Offer 3600 feedback from across the organisation and analyse via competencies and 9-box grids
  • Enable employees to self-rate their performance with comments, notes and evidence

Learning and development

Identify learning and development needs and track progress throughout the year.

  • Monitor training and compliance status for all your employees
  • Empower employees to take ownership of their learning journey by enabling them to record and review their learning and development history
  • Generate employee learning and development requirements automatically from the performance management system

Succession planning

Use performance data to identify key talent and manage succession planning.

  • Provide real-time information on organisational hierarchy, plus skills, qualification and attainments for each post
  • Identify talent and development needs for succession
  • Help managers to view gaps and match potential candidates for roles
  • Identify talent pools of potential successors to fill future leadership roles

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